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Packing List for a Healthy Smile!

Are you planning to hit the road for the holidays? It's important not to forget your dental care essentials when you travel! Continue reading to discover what's on our packing list for a healthy smile. Caring for Your Smile on…

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Which Candy Is Bad For Your Teeth

Which Candy is Bad for Your Teeth?

Is candy bad for your teeth? Not all candy is created equal! Some candy is better than others for your dental health. Let's talk about which candy is bad for your teeth so you can choose better options to help…

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5 Tips For A Healthy Lunch

5 Tips for a Healthy Lunch

The food you eat shouldn’t just satisfy your hunger, it should nourish and support your health. Eating healthy can have a positive impact on your whole body, including your dental health. Continue reading for 5 tips for a healthy lunch.…

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5 Ways to Relax a Stiff Jaw

Having a sore jaw can make things difficult. It can cause headaches, interfere with sleep, and keep you from enjoying the food and activities you love. When you’re looking for relief from jaw stiffness, you want solutions that actually work.…

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Is Seltzer Bad For Your Teeth?

Is Seltzer Bad for Your Teeth?

When you’re trying to steer clear of sugary sodas, seltzer can seem like the obvious choice. It’s a popular sugar-free drink option. But is seltzer bad for your teeth? Read on to find out more about how seltzer can affect…

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Does it Hurt to Get a Cavity Filled?

Hearing the news that you have a cavity is never what you want to hear. If it's your first cavity, it's normal to feel nervous. Many people wonder, does getting a cavity filled hurt? Here's the good news about fillings.…

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5 Healthy Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

5 Healthy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The sweetest day of the year is approaching fast. Store shelves are stocked with heart-shaped boxes full of chocolates and pastel candy hearts with cute little messages that seem to pop up everywhere. Unfortunately, sugar can be hard on our…

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Emergency Dental Care

When you’re enjoying the holidays with family and friends, the last thing anyone wants to experience is a dental emergency, but when a toothache starts or a tooth is chipped or broken, it’s important to know what to do so…

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Cold Temperatures and Your Teeth

Do your teeth hurt when you venture outside in the cold? Experiencing tooth sensitivity or discomfort when the temperature drops is actually quite common, but thankfully there are some things you can do to alleviate the issue. Here’s what you…

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