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Dr. Reid Schmidt graduated with a degree in General Biological Sciences from Washington State University Tri-Cities. He furthered his education at Case Western School of Dental Medicine earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine.

At age sixteen, Dr. Schmidt’s family friend, who is a dentist, first helped him gain preliminary insight into the requirements and process of becoming a dentist. This was a turning point in his search for a career. Dr. Schmidt worked and saved to pay his way through college, and he discovered the occupation of dental lab technician which allowed him to further explore his interests in dentistry. Dr. Schmidt gravitated towards learning all about dental implants, and with time, became the dental lab implant specialist. As the dental lab implant specialist, he enjoyed the distinct opportunity of working directly with doctors in their respective offices, and with patients.

Dr. Schmidt is married to his wife Dana and they have three children together. Dr. Schmidt enjoys showing his kids different activities including martial arts, boxing, mountain biking, boating, fishing, hiking, and camping. He loves taking his family on new adventures. Dr. Schmidt loves the water and the sports that involve the water. He enjoys riding mountain bikes, rock climbing, hiking, hunting, fishing, and trying new things outside.

Dr. Schmidt is looking forward to helping his patients achieve excellent oral health through education. He wants every patient to feel their concerns are heard and respected.

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